What memories do you want to kill?

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What do you want to forget? You cannot remember only the good and forget the bad. Suppressing memories will not solve your problems. Painful memories influence our behavior. They influence our thinking and create defensive mechanism. They manipulate our reality. So why do you want to kill a part of yourself? What enters your mind becomes a part of you. Your memories are all that you are left with. They may even become part of your identity. Good or bad , let them stay with you. Remember, you can break up from your relationship, you can give away your possession but you cannot kill your memories. They have to stay with you and be part of you. They are not responsible for your suffering. You are. You cannot change a situation after they happen. You can only manage them. So what can you do about them? By changing how you think, act and respond to them , is when you find real solutions. Once you understand you are the one who uses your memories to carry your pain and sadness, you will change your response to the world around you. Focus on the positive. Make the best of your life by focusing upon your good memories. Strengthen the positive aspects of your life. And lastly, embrace who you are and find a way to manage your dark side and live with it with detachment. Life is complex, but once you follow these few tips, you will know how to manage the negativity in your life. Let me know how it goes.
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