Do you crave approval?

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We want so much to be valued and liked that we forget you already are. Whose approval do you seek most? Where do you look for it? Your parents? Your friends? Your peers? Social media? The need for approval kills freedom. Every journey towards freedom starts here. By willing to call the problem by its name, it gets you a step closer to cancelling its power over you. If you spend your time looking for approval you will soon enough realize it is a waste of time and does not work anyway.

Does your need of approval create immense anxiety on the value you provided at work or in your life and cause you to spend far too much time on tasks to perfect them? It is possible to change and this is how:
First, keep a self-appreciation journal where you note the things you are most proud of about yourself, things you’ve accomplished.
Second, you need to practice letting go of seeking validation for whom you choose to be and for your choices. So when you make a decision, listen to your guts.

Does this feel right?

Remember it is your choice. Lastly, be honest with yourself. Are you doing it because it’s right for you or it is because you want to get approval and avoid disapproval?

Start today. Write down the list of things that are important to you vs the one that you are trying to please people with. Then one by one get rid of the “pleasing” ones and focus on what’s makes you happy and fulfilled.

Let me know how it goes.
Nora Paxton

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